Monday, January 14, 2019

Cast Iron Skillet

There are certain tools, implements, that I love more than any others.

These objects are usually simple and, because they've been around so long--sometimes hundreds even thousands of years--they can hardly be improved on.

I mean things like the broom, shovel, rake, hoe, hammer, bucket.  How can you do better than their ergonomic brilliance?

I put the cast iron skillet in that pantheon.

I have cooked with a cast iron skillet all my life, and will continue to do so until I'm too weak to turn on the stove.  It is the most versatile of all cooking implements, the longest-lasting, and, for its service, the most economical.  At Target, you can purchase a 12" number for $20.  Can you beat that?

$20 for a pan that will work wonders!  For years and years to come!

For me, the cast iron skillet is inextricably linked to southeastern Virginia where I grew up.

There is no better conductor of heat.  And it is heat that is distributed evenly, not in one small area.

Yes, I admit, it looks like a brute, but it has the soul of a sensitive poet, and even more appealing, it will never let you down.  It's not finicky.  It's not high maintainence.  It's virtually indestructible.  You can cook almost anything with it.  And I have.

My hero

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