Thursday, January 4, 2018

Is there sex after seventy?

Thinking about sex between two older people is like thinking about your parents having sex.  You grudgingly admit the possibility, but the whole idea is abhorrent. 

No, I'm not asking you to picture that in your mind.  But I wonder what that would look like if I did?  I mean, why not: so, picture two seventy-plus-year-old people having topsy-turvy, ecstatic sex. Going at it!  Wall-shaking orgasms.  Neighbors complaining.  Dogs howling.  Car alarms going off.

"Was it good for you?"


The power of words!  I wonder how long that will stay in your mind?

I can hear you from here: "Nooooooooooooooooo!"

I suppose in a way it just goes to show you that, in the end, sex, whatever age you are, is private, despite the wide-open nature of contemporary culture.  I think that many of us go along with this show-all, tell-all society we seem to have become, but, truthfully, it makes us uneasy.  

So, isn't it enough to know that, yes, I am still aroused by women, the juices are still flowing.  The sap is still rising.  I still fantasize.  I still lust. 

I was talking to a woman my age the other day.  We had been lovers many years ago.  I asked her if she had a boyfriend now.

"No, I've given all that up.  Thank God, I've lost that sex drive."

Really? You're thankful for that?  It's one of the glories of our existence!    

I hope I'm doing it until the day they cart me out of here.  

Aren't you glad we've had "the talk"?

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