Friday, December 22, 2017

Old faithful

I'm seventy-three.  I like to point this out from time to time.  This time, because I want to talk about my body, to thank it for all the long years of faithful service, for tirelessly performing day in and day out so wonderfully well. 

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I first want to thank my brain.  Thanks for letting me think.  And create. And imagine.  Heart! What can I say?  How unstintingly you pumped my blood to the far reaches of my body supplying it with nourishment and centering me with your beat.

Thank you, lungs, for your tireless day-in-day-out bellows work.  When I slept, you never did. I'm so grateful for the great swell and release of air, 24/7.

Thank you stomach, kidneys, liver, for the impossibly complex work, the alchemy you've performed for me. Thank you eyes for letting me see my daughter’s face. Thank you tongue for the letting me taste fragrant peaches. Ears for letting me hear the singing of birds.  Fingers for letting me touch a woman’s hair. Nose for letting me smell ocean breezes.  For the many miracles, my great gratitude.

Thank you arms for making me so versatile.  Thank you hands for letting me grasp, push and pull.  And hold a pen. Thank you legs for taking me near and far and for giving me so much steed-like pleasure.  Thank you skin for keeping it all together, and for sweat. 

I am at the podium with my extended list of thank-you's. The other parts of my body to thank are just so numerous.  But I at least have to mention blood. And I can't forget spine, neck, back. Hips, feet, nerves. Shoulders, bones, muscles. Pardon me for what I've left out.  It was all so important.

You've been the best body any person could ever want.  I know I'm fortunate, and I have never taken that for granted.  I know you'll be getting tired soon.  Parts of you will begin to break down, to give out.  Of course.  But what a ride you've allowed me to have.  What a remarkable way of encountering the world.