Monday, October 23, 2017

Grab a chair. Sit down. Have some bran.

This is the second time around for this blog.  I began it in July of 2013 and ended it in May of 2014.  For those of you who followed the blog--many continued thanks--please feel free to wander off to find some fresh writing.
To those of you who have never seen these words, I hope you enjoy them.  I feel the blog is worthy of an encore.  Time will tell.
There will be new stuff, too.
Here goes.

I'm seventy-two.  That's 72, to make it absolutely clear.  Even if sixty is the new fifty or even the new forty, that's just an opinion.  I'm officially old. 
I'm developing one of those old man bodies you see in photos in magazines.  So strange and ludicrous.  My upper body looks like a coat hanger.   You could hang things from my collarbone.  Bones everywhere.  I am so close to my skeleton now.  I feel like it's become more me than me.  What's left are bony protrusions, spurs protruding from behind my ear.  I'm available for Halloween, just around the corner.  
What's lurking around the corner is even worse.
Come along with me on this journey I like to call, WTF?  In the next months, if the drool doesn't disfigure the ink on the page, I'll be writing about the experience—is that the right word?—of growing old.
I've supplied each person with a walker and some bran.  And a name tag, with a telephone number of someone we can call—in case.
So glad you've decided to join me.


  1. So very glad to see you're back Richard, and to learn that you're still among the living! Can't wait for the next post.

  2. Okay. I'll go along for the ride.